Migrating to RTC3.0 from RTC iFix 5.

I had trouble upgrading from RTC Express-C iFix 3 to RTC3.0
Express-C with both versions using the Derby database. I was able to get it
working using the instructions below. Some key points:

1.) Copy the repositoryDB *FOLDER* not the zip archive.
2.) Run the server.startup.bat as an Administrator in PowerShell.
3.) You should not be asked to create a user for the JTS, but if you are,
*DO NOT* create a user that was part of a project in your 2.0 install. This
will destroy the user mapping created during the migration and you will not
be able to access your project.

—–Instructions for upgrading to RTC3.0 from RTC Express-C with the
Derby database on Windows Server 2008 R2 —–

Create a back-up of your RTC install.

If you have an older version of RTC, make sure you download and install
RTC iFix 5 before upgrading to RTC3.0. All you need to do to install
RTC iFix 5 version of Express-C is:

1.) Download the .zip archive from Jazz.net
2.) Extract it somewhere
3.) Copy the repositoryDB folder from the /server directory
of your original install to the /server directory of your new install and
4.) Copy /server/tomcat/conf/tomcat-users.xml from your old install to the same
directory in the iFix 5 install.
5.) Copy /server/conf/jazz/teamserver.properties from your old install to the
same directory in the iFix 5 install.
5.) Start the server.

The repotools-jazz script that is used below would not work properly for me
until I first migrated to iFix 5. I noticed a 1MB difference after running
iFix 5.

Now, you can start to migrate to version 3.0:

1.) Download the web installer from Jazz.net.
2.) Run the installer and, when prompted check the “Upgrading from a previous
version of RTC 2.0.x.x” box. *DO NOT* start the server after the install.
3.) Remove both the repositoryDB folder and the repositoryDB.zip file from the
/server/conf/jazz/derby directory of your RTC 3.0 install.
4.) Copy the repositoryDB file from your iFix 5 install to the
/server/conf/jazz/derby directory of your RTC 3.0 install.

After completing these steps, you need to migrate the configuration info from
your old install to version 3.0 and then migrate the database. To migrate the
configuration info, follow the steps outlined at


in the “Using repotools to start file migration” section. Follow the
instructions in the “Repository database migration” to migrate your
database. Make sure you receive a message stating success at the end of each
step. Ensure that the database repository URLs in your teamserver.properties
files point to your new install, not the old one.  Also, note that on Windows
you have to run .repotools-jazz.bat and .repotools-jts.bat instead of simply
repotools-jazz and repotools-jts as described in the documentation linked
If all of this is successful, you should be able to start the server and run
the setup scripts. The server will take a very long time compared to its
normal startup time when you start it for the first time, but subsequent
starts will drop back to about twenty seconds. The instructions for how to
launch and setup the server can be found in the documentation above under
the “Deploying and starting the Apache Tomcat server” section.