Connecting to WPA-Enterprise Systems with the KDE-Live Version of Fedora 14

I ran into a rather obscure problem a few weeks ago with the KDE-Live Version of Fedora14. I was unable to connect to WPA-Enterprise systems (PEAP and all of that jazz). According to our IT wizards and from everything I could tell by checking the logs, I was connecting to the corporate network just fine but my machine was automagically deauthenticating for reason=23 (802.1i failed) or reason=3 (random local choice).

I finally figured out the root cause of it this morning: Fedora14 needs some libraries from GNOME for this type of Network. No idea why. I ran into this problem a few years ago and had an inkling that it may be the case now. I was convinced after I found a post on some website at the end of the Internet through Google. So, if you need to install GNOME on the KDE-Live Version of Fedora14, just run:

yum groupinstall “GNOME Desktop Environment”

Hopefully in the future I will take my own advice and never install from the Live disk!