The Top 10 things I want in a new Stargate series

Here’s a list of some things that I think would be really cool to see in a new Stargate series. Lots of spoilers here though, so be warned!

One Villain

Can we have one villain? Like, just a hardcore over planner who starts wrecking the peace and prosperity built after the other shows ended because he’s been planning for so long. No super powers or special abilities beyond being able to out maneuver everyone with minimal resources and less technology.


Furlings were one of the Four “original” Races that formed a great alliance across galaxies, which also included the Ancients, the Asgard, and the Nox. They never made an appearance in SG-1 (except the parody in 200), and it would be awesome to see them in a new series. In fact, it could be really cool for a Furling to be the villain. Perhaps a rogue Furling general doesn’t buy the Tau’ri as the Fifth Race?

No Replicators

Please no more replicators in any galaxy. Let’s just say that the Asurans are gone and that the Dakara superweapon was really, really successful. Admittedly a Lego version in a museum or for sale in stores would be a funny easter egg.

More General Carter and Walter

I think this goes without explanation to the diehard fans out there. It would be great to see lots of familiar faces since there would probably not be a large time jump, but definitely these two!

More aliens

Revive the Asgard and Tollans. Say the Asgards secretly hid their consciences on a back-up system and transmitted it through the gate while the planet blew up so that the replicators couldn’t track it. Years later, the Tau’ri find them. The Tollans had a colony that was destroyed, but maybe they got tricky and some of them evacuated from the colony and perhaps even the new Tollan homeworld? It would also be nice to see the Tok’ra and Jaffa thriving, maybe even with a super strong alliance 10+ years later? It would be great to see more about the Nox, Travelers, and Vanir, and other alien races too.

The Tok’ra should get something cool though. Those poor bastards deserve a break!

And did I mention the Furlings already?

Finish the war with the Wraith

So the superhive is gone, but there are a whole bunch of wraith back in Pegasus munching on humans. It would be really nice to see the end of the Wraith war because otherwise one must assume that they’ll pay the Milky Way a visit sometime. There’s also the possibility that one of them gets the ZPM idea like Todd. Cheeky bugger.

Main gate room is in Atlantis and on the Moon

I think it would be really cool to stretch a bit and do some local colonization. The idea of Moon bases and colonies on Mars are very contemporary topics. So why not say the SGC was moved out of the Cheyenne Mountain Complex in 2007 and relocated to Atlantis, which was moved from the SF Bay to, say, the Moon?

Putting the gate on the Moon is a great idea because it keeps all the attention away from Earth, which for a very long time was the brunt of many a nasty attack. Instead, plug three ZPMs into Atlantis, park it on the Moon, and keep all the alien attention there. You could do some really cool stuff with Tau’ri made rings that transport people from sites on Earth to the Moon, fly shuttles, etc.

This doesn’t exactly line up with the books that were published after SGA ended, but I don’t know if those books are canonical. If they are, then I’m sure we could find another Lantean cityship hanging out unused. Maybe there really is one submerged at the bottom of the Atlantic! 😉


Sure, I saw Stargate Continuum… but are they really sure they got all the clones? I mean, look at this message from Lord Ba’al in 2015?

Retrieve the Destiny, study it, and forget about it

I was not the biggest fan of SGU. I enjoyed the format of SG-1 and Atlantis much more. I would like to see the crew of the Destiny be rescued and for the ship itself to get “the ol’ Daniel Jackson treatment.” And… then it would be great to not see it or anything else from that series any more. However, it would be really cool for a new SG team to explore gates in some of the galaxies that the Destiny seeded.

A new “X-50x” line of Tau’ri ships

I think one of the coolest things possible in a new Stargate series would be a new line of Tau’ri ships that combine the best lessons and technology from all the races previously encountered. This could be a ship with a hull as strong as the Superhive, shields and drones like Lantean ships, Asgard plasma cannons, multiple types of support ships, self-healing abilities like a Wraith ship, and redundancy and hyperdrive technology from the Destiny.

I always loved that Tau’ri ships were small compared to other races. That always took me back to O’Neill’s statement that Jaffa staffs were weapons of fear, but the P-90 was a weapon of war. Small little Tau’ri ships are not fearsome space galleons; they are warships.

That’s it! Hope you like some of the stuff on this list and are joining the #StargateNow tweetstorm tonight. If you have any thoughts, I’m @jayjaybillings on Twitter.