Eclipse ICE news + EAVP! – 20160327

Happy Easter!

I logged on for a couple of minutes to make some tweaks to my article on my paternal family history and I thought I might take a few minutes to update you on what’s happening in my slice of the Eclipse World.

Eclipse ICE is going well. I just returned from a trip to SOS20 where I had the opportunity to present on ICE, Triquetrum and several other Science Working Group projects during the Workflows Session. There was very good feedback overall and I am looking forward to collaborating with everyone from the conference. What I enjoyed best was the sense of a shared vision and a strong desire to enable multiple tool stacks that are unified through common data management and provenance models.

We have a new project with ICE starting up as part of the Department of Energy’s High Performance Computing for Advanced Manufacturing (HPC4Mfg) program out of the Advanced Manufacturing Office. My team and I will be joining forces with the Awesim team from OSC to create a new high-performance version of their Weld Predictor App. Part of this work will include deploying ICE for mesh generation and editing. ICE might see a little time in the post-processing side of things, and, of course, we will use ICE for all of the code development work on the ORNL side.

I’m also happy to announce that the Eclipse Advanced Visualization Project (EAVP) is now fully decoupled from ICE and available on its own GitHub project. This project is all about developing advanced, high performance visualization technology under the banner of the Science Working Group.

More as I know it!

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