Connecting IBM Rational Team Concert 3.0 to a Subversion repository

I am migrating my NiCE project to SourceForge so that we can get it out of the door to customers for the low, low price of $Free.99. I’ve been a huge fan of IBM and IBM Rational products for the past couple of years, but the need to have a license and an account FOR EVERYONE in RTC just doesn’t work for an open source project (by the OSI definition, not IBM “free as in puppy” crap).

One of the challenges that I expected as soon as I even thought about SourceForge was integrating the new repository with Rational Team Concert. Sourceforge gives you a choice between SVN and git. I chose SVN because git is poorly supported by RTC, even though they claim that there is a connector that you can download on In fact, if you go to net and look for said git connector, all you will find is some page that will tell you how to make a connector for RTC2.0. So, my git hopes aside, I picked SVN…

It turns out that RTC has great support for SVN. While I’ll have to go through the steps to migrate the files on my own, there are four simple steps to get it setup and running:

  1. Install Subclipse or Subversive.
  2. Add an “SVN Connection” to connect RTC to your new repo using the Jazz SVN Connections view.
  3. Right click the project you want to share, open the properties window, select Jazz Work Items and check the “Link the project to a Jazz work item using SVN bugtraq properties” box.
  4. Share something with your project and give it a valid work item number!

More details can be found here:

There’s still some work to do to get NiCE in the repo, but it looks like smooth sailing from here out. The big thing to remember is that you have to use a separate SVN client – IBM does not provide one – and you may need to run “Update Links” from time to time by right clicking your SVN connection in the Jazz SVN Connections view.